Click Wheel



Click wheel is a smartphone accessory designed mainly to help the visually impaired people who use smartphones with the voiceover function. Click wheel can free one hand of the visually impaired people and help use voice over conveniently.


My Contribution:

Designing, prototyping



Adobe Photoshop, Premiere 




  • Contextual Review

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping & Evaluating


More details about the process could be retrieved through the link "Report" below.

Presentation Materials    Report


We started the contextual review. We interviewed blind people and researched a lot to understand the context and conventions.


Then we organize and analyze the knowledge we gained and listed possible directions to focus, which included misconceptions, new insights, and contradictions. 


During that period, we realized that mobile device technologies created various new ways for VI people to help them interact with the modern ways of communication. So we aimed to enhance the accessibility of smartphone and remove the hardships caused by the touch screen technology to allow VI people to use their mobile devices without obstructions.