This site is divided into three sections: GAMES, PAINTINGS and DESIGNS. It is a scope of what different kinds of art works I have done.



1. The Little Door God

This game is a 2D turn-based puzzle game developed with Unity. Player and enemies will move in turns. Player needs to utilize the items in the levels such as doors, professional door god, fire, water and so on to avoid, trap and eliminate enemies and reach the destination. If caught by ghosts, the player will lose the game.

There are currently 13 levels with different puzzles and characters for players to experience. And a level editor is developed by me to edit the level easily. An achievement system also make the difficulty of this game flexible.

Project Background:

In contemporary world, the cultural awareness is awakened in most countries and regions. More and more attentions are paid to the value of conventions and customs. In this case, to convey the invaluable tradition through new media, we would like to develop an entertaining turn-based puzzle game embedded in the Chinese door god culture. 

My Contributions:

all the codes, large part of game, level and mechanic design and storytelling, part of concept art, animation and marketing 

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2. Home

It is a casual game developed on the 2016 Global Game Jam (GGJ) in Hong Kong whose theme is ritual. There are two phases - day and night. When it is daytime, the child (main character) plays soccer while the child has to go home at night.

Project Background:

The time of this GGJ was near the Chinese Spring Festival when people would go back to their home town and stay together with their family. We believed that it was a kind of ritual and developed this game under this theme. 

To portray the feeling of ritual, we would like to elaborate the difficulty of going home. So we designed three levels corresponding to childhood, teenager and adulthood of one person. In this process, the game becomes more and more difficult. However, because of the time limitation (48 hours), we could only finish the first level.

My Contributions:

all the game graphics including the animations and CGs, part of game design

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3. Magic Guide

This game is a 3D puzzle game developed with OGRE. Player needs to observe the surroundings and use appropriate magic to trigger event and solve puzzle.


When designed the game, I thought it could be exciting of different combinations between magic and the puzzles, which was the basic idea of this game.

I developed this game with my partner as a practice of modeling and 3D coding as well. 

My Contributions:

all the game graphics, modelling and part of the codes and game design

4. The Adventure of Little Red Riding Hood

This Game is a 2D casual game. In the mazes, the Little Red needs to collect functional mushrooms to kill or avoid the wolves, so that she could reach her destination.

We developed this game to see how traditional parable could be adapted to games. 


My Contributions:

​all the game graphics, part of the codes and game design

5. Bejeweled

It is a simple match 3 game. I developed this game with my partner to polish our programming skills. It was the first game we developed which made us have a rough idea of the game development.

My contributions:

part of the codes, the intergratation of visual materials

6. Psycho Shadow

This Game is a 3D casual game developed with Unity. Player is set in a closed room with enemies, portals, time coins, invisible potions and enemy eliminator. The number of the enemies keeps increasing. The main character has three skills which could help him keep away from the enemies. The aim is to collect as many time coins which could add the score and the remaining time as possible. 

My Contributions:

all the coding related to the characters, part of the visual effects and game design


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