GM Planner



GM Planner is a mobile application helping beginners manage the garment making materials including fabrics, threads, and tools and plan the practice so that to eliminate the waste.


My Contributions:

All (it is an individual project)


Adobe XD, illustrator, photoshop


  • Observing & Taking Fieldnotes

  • Processing Fieldnotes

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping & Evaluating

This project required me to follow my partner's design guideline and implement the prototype of the design to simulate the situation in the real industry where teammates had different tasks. To be more specific, the task of my partner was to do research and figure out the potential design guideline to solve the problems existing in the process of making garments. My task was to follow and alter the guideline rationally to make a useful design.


I firstly focused on the accessibility of the design. I planned to design a programmable sewing machine, a portable sewing machine or a sewing machine without a pedal. Then I changed my idea and focused on managing the materials and eliminate the waste. Because of the nature of the community my partner observed, the Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Atlanta Campus, which was a place to study. Many difficulties could be overcome by using a programmable sewing machine but students could learn more knowledge by touching the materials and manipulating the machines by themselves. Instead, I focused on the guideline that “draw attention to the flaws of the sewing process that occurs, eliminating the waste of fabric or extra effort”.


In general, the application aims to help the users manage the materials and plan the practice to eliminate the waste in the garment making process.
In this case, the core function of this application should include 1. Adding new materials to the database very easily, 2. Telling the user what materials in the database could be used or reused given a specific garment design and 3. Inspiring the users what they can make with the materials especially the scraps.