It is a casual game appealing to the players to visit their parents more often. It was developed on the 2016 Global Game Jam (GGJ) in Hong Kong whose theme is ritual. There are two phases - day and night. When it is daytime, the child (the main character) plays soccer while the child has to go home at night.


    Project Background:


The time of this GGJ was near the Chinese Spring Festival when people would go back to their hometown and stay together with their family. We believed that it was a kind of ritual and developed this game under this theme. 


To portray the feeling of ritual, we would like to elaborate the difficulty of going home. So we designed three levels corresponding to childhood, teenager and adulthood of one person. In this process, the game becomes more and more difficult. However, because of the time limitation (48 hours), we could only finish the first level.



    My Contributions:


all the game graphics including the animations and CGs, part of game design




Photoshop, Pen tablet




  • Ideation

    • Brainstorming

    • Idea pitching for feedback

  • Prototyping

  • Testing


Because of the extreme time restriction (48-hour), there was no way to complete a systematic design process. Without too much research which may limit our creativity, we immediately started the ideation step. We brainstormed and discussed effectively to determine the game idea as soon as possible. Then, we started to implement the game individually and merged them together with Github.


The test was still essential to make sure there was no functional error rather than inaccessibility because of the short period of time which could only allow limited changes.