The Adventure of Little Red Riding Hood



This Game is a 2D casual game made by a team of 2. In the mazes, the Little Red needs to collect functional mushrooms to kill or avoid the wolves, so that she could reach her destination.


We developed this game to see how traditional parable could be adapted to games. 

Although the game was rough and raw, we polished our programming skills and took a glance at the big picture of the game design and game development. 


My Contributions:

all the game graphics, part of the codes and game design



ORGE, C++, Visual Studio, Photoshop



We firstly brainstormed a lot to come up with an appropriate game mechanic and the corresponding game genre.


Then we started to learn how to use the game engine ORGE including load texture, create animation and so on.


Then we designed the levels and built the prototype. We used the prototype to get feedback and improved our game again and again.