This game is a 2D casual game combing Tetris, Match-3 and RPG together. Players release spell by matching-3 and gain experience by making a row or defeating enemies.

Elements system is where the playability and strategy of this game lie down. There are FIVE elements with certain relationships. Some elements can combine together to create new power effect; some are weak against the other, etc. Choosing the right the spell for each enemy and wisely assigning your experience points (CUBE ENERGY) are the key to win this game.


    Project Background:


In the game design class, we were exploring how to mix games together. To identify how the playability lies on the mechanics is most crucial for mixing games. Referring to many other successful instances, we quickly designed and developed six prototypes in six weeks. Afterwards, we selects four prototypes to further develop them. Fortunately, my "Tetris & RPG" idea was picked as the featured one and got the exposure.











































We made a group of 4 to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such game genre. After another six-week-iteration, we finalized the game design and development based on the feedback we got from the audience. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 5.05.16 PM.png

Initial Prototype